There a ton of sites out there telling you how and what to SEO.  This one is a little different.  We not only tell you how and what to SEO but how effective it is.

I have been working in SEO and internet marketing for over 10 years and have heard just about every tactic you could think of.  Some work and unfortunately some will get you banned.  I test EVERYTHING and provide the results here so you can make your own decisions. In fact, this website is one of those tests.

This is one of those tests. In Mar 2011 Google announced that in combination with Yahoo and Bing that they will be supporting microdatda.  Waiting a couple months for the dust for the dust to settle I redesigned the home page with HTML5 & CSS3.  I then stood up this wordpress blog also with HTML5 and CSS3.  On Dec 9th the first enhanced result appeared in the SERPs. The blog was not live yet but kicked me into gear. 

After starting and stopping a few dozen blogs over the years I figured this one would be about something I have learned quite a bit about over 10 years. Maybe (just maybe) it will keep me posting.   Giving something back to the web after taking from books, blogs, websites and forums for years sounds like a good idea.  It also serves as a place to send my clients to get them started with some basics while creating new pages.  It always easier to do a small clean up instead of starting from zero every time.

If your looking at SEO from a professional standpoint or even if your new am going to need your help.  I know what I think is important when it comes to SEO and Internet Marketing but I think everyone would like to hear your opinion too.  Whenever you read a post please weigh-in with your vote on how important you think it is.  You can also rate the overall post with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

I am also looking for guest posters, so if you know a little about SEO or marketing on the internet just drop me a note.  Your post will appear in the SERP’s in rich snippet format with your picture if you include your Google+ profile ID.  It just has to be SEO related and in the form over reviewing an SEO or Marketing tactic.    

As far as my posts go I will be starting from the basics working my way down a page and then through a site.  Feel free to join in and comment. All the comments are Follow but that could change if the spammers come out.

I really hope you enjoy the Blog.


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