11 Year Old Flipped An Entire House Plus 14 More From Across the Country

11 Year Old Flipped An Entire House Plus 14 More From Across the Country


In just three months, Madison has flipped an entire house. “My mom and dad-we have six children in the family, and they aren’t going to be able to send us to college, and so I’m going to pay for my own college. I’m going to do it flipping houses”. Madison worked on the four-bedroom house, restoring its original character and adding her own personal touches.

11 Year Flipping Houses

Most 11-year-olds earn money in the summer by setting up a lemonade stand. Madison Bue thought much bigger. In just 3 months, Madison has flipped an entire house. Her ambition sets her apart from others kids her age. I was attempting to consider ways to get money for college, said Madison. After watching shows on HGTV, she knew exactly how she wanted to earn this money. She came to me and she said, My mother and dad, we’ve six kids in the family, plus they are not going to be capable to send us to college, and so I am going to pay for my own college.


I am they will change their homes, &quot’said Cliff LeCleir, Madison’s grandfather or papa.’. LeCleir was in property development in the La Crosse area for many years. He set Madison up with supplies and gave her full control over the operation. She’s been working down here every day this whole summer, LeClair said. I’d to scratch stuff off of the walls in the lower level, Madison said. It took a really long time because it was tar that I’d to scratch off and keep scraping. You’d put a lot of muscle fat in it.”. Madison worked on the four-bedroom house, restoring its original character and adding her very own personal touches.


One of her favored additions in the renovated home is the cherry wood flooring. Her hard work can be seen both on the exterior and interior of the home. With her mother’s help, she was able to plant 27 plants in a matter of hours. She added her very own character to the landscaping as well, choosing yellow flowers to represent her favored color. Madison is an example of the fact that it’s never too soon to follow a dream. My dad always used to say, said Madison, Well, he still says, If you run when you are young then you will walk when you are old.



Therefore, if you work hard now, then you will not have to work as hard later in life.”. With only weeks till the home hit the market, Madison is proud of the result. I am really just satisfied with how it came along, she said. There is just so much character, and it is really well planned I think.”. Next week, Madison plans to shift her focus back to school. She’ll consider the possibility of returning homes as summer jobs in the future. She depends on her faith in God to see where this experience will take her. Flipping houses is not Madison’s only success. She also owns and operates Buezoo, LLC. The four-story house Madison renovated is situated at the south side of La Crosse at 2231 21st Place S. Check local listings in upcoming weeks for your opportunity to own the property.


All across the country, people have been flipping homes and making money. Here are 15 Of The Best House Flips Reported by “Fixer Upper”



Chip and Joanna Gaines have done some of the best home renovations we’ve ever seen. The two have taken their incredible talent for finding dilapidated houses and flipping them into amazing homes. And although rumors spread about Joanna leaving HGTV, she was quick to shut them down saying she’s staying put. Fans are happier than ever to hear that she’s not leaving, so we found some of the best flips from HGTV’s ‘Fixer Upper’ from the past few seasons to celebrate our appreciation for the show.

Small-Town House – Part 1

During season 3 of the show, Chip and Joanna performed a makeover on this small-town house in Hillsboro, Texas that was built in the early 1920s. The home was spacious enough for the owner’s family that was subsequently growing, but it needed a major facelift. The stylish transformation is one of the best from any season, and the kitchen is probably the best part of the house now.

Small-Town House – Part 2

Home On The River – Part 1

 During the second season of ‘Fixer Upper’, they took on “the house on the river” for a charismatic family of nine. The owners wanted enough space to host all of their children, but also have the home feel somewhat like a retreat. Joanna and Chip turned this ancient home into a refreshed new space with lots of breathing room. The best part has to be the new and improved garage.

Home On The River – Part 2

The Barn Home – Part 1

The barn home featured in the third season of ‘Fixer Upper’ is one of the show’s most unique projects, according to some viewers. The barn, which sits just outside the town of Waco, Texas, was transformed into a 2,700-square-foot house with an incredible dining area, that’s the favorite area of the house.

 The Barn Home – Part 2

Faceless Bunker – Part 1

In season 2 on the show, the owners of the “faceless bunker” home had lived on an island most of their lives and wanted their new home to have more of a beach-vibe feel to it. Chip and Joanna gave them just what they wanted and turned it into a little slice of paradise. The most dramatic change the viewers saw in the episode was when they renovated the convoluted staircase.

Faceless Bunker – Part 2

Country Home – Part 1

This season 1 house had quite the renovation process. The budget for the home was $650,000 for the renovations, so the changes were dramatic, extensive and amazing. The Waco, Texas home got a stunning exterior facelift from the outside view and an amazing kitchen makeover for a nice inside view.

Country Home – Part 2

Little House On The Prairie – Part 1

This home renovation is our favorite on the list. In the first episode of season 2, Joanna and Chip worked with two local coffee shop owners to give their home a complete makeover. The young couple wanted to keep the character of their home but include a more modern design. From the stunning blue paint job on the outside of the home to the wooden oven hood in the kitchen, the renovation was just what the owners were looking for, and they are as happy as ever in their new home.

Little House On The Prairie – Part 2

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